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All mirrors come with mounting holes and this information is called out in the individual mounting instructions provided according to the mirror’s style and size. Alternate mounting holes may be drilled on site for alignment with existing wall structure. All mirrors must be mounted securely to studs and/or wall blocking sufficient to support the weight of the mirror assembly.

Easy Lift Access

A heavy-duty hinged opening is available for lamp replacement on most models. Using a sturdy pivot point axis at the top of the mirror and gas assisted springs, even the largest size mirrors can be opened with one hand and remain firmly in the open position unassisted while re-lamping, cleaning or maintenance is performed. The hinge is then easily closed and locked in place. This offers the convenience of not having to manually remove the mirror from the wall (which is the leading cause of damage, due to mishandling) and the efficiency of requiring only one employee to make the repair. To learn more about this feature and to determine if it’s available on the model of your choice, please consult the factory.